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How to Hire Your Next Employee

Take these steps to bring great people into your business!

The hiring process can be long and difficult. Establishing a pool of talented potential candidates can make filling a vacant position at your business much less stressful.

If you’re usually scrambling to bring on a new employee, consider beginning the recruitment process before you need to hire. That way, you’ll be less rushed in making a choice and will have a better opportunity to hire a talented individual who is a great fit for your company. Allow an even longer timeline if you’re looking to build a management team so you can shop for the absolute best leaders to help steer your business.

Look at your future HR needs

The first step in preparing for the recruitment process is anticipating when you’ll need to hire. Before you even begin to collect resumes, cast an eye towards the future. Does your business growth mean you’ll need to bring on help in six months? One year? Or perhaps you’ll notice signs that a current employee is getting ready to leave for another job opportunity.

People move on. Thinking and planning ahead will give you adequate time to review your existing talent pool for promotion opportunities or begin the search for a new employee.

Keep your talent pool filled

A talent pool is the collection of people that you can potentially tap to fill a vacant job. The state of your talent pool will directly affect how able you are to hire all-star employees. It should consist of both existing employees (who can be promoted or re-assigned) and individuals who are either currently unemployed or are looking for a more rewarding job.

One great way to top up your talent pool is to attend networking events frequented by job hunters. Another tactic involves speaking regularly to other business owners who may know talented individuals in search of new opportunities. You may also consider working with a professional recruiter or recruitment agency if you are looking for an individual with specific skills.

Tip: Regularly review any recent resumes you may have received. And, don’t forget to let your existing employees know you are searching for more great people like them. Offer an incentive or bonus to those who bring you the right person for an interview.